GHC/HNC/WCC/Soundings/CCLT Community

To our wonderful community of members and alumni of Gettin’ Higher ChoirHigh Noon Choir, Wavelengths Community Choir, SoundingsCCLT, and our online and other drop-in singing events.

These are the mailings the GHC and WCC choir directors send out to currently registered choir members (we subscribe and unsubscribe you each season):
  • GHC-Breeze: for Gettin' Higher Choir current members
  • Ripples: for Wavelengths Community Choir current members
We also send out:
  • Higher Notes: items of possible interest to anyone in our singing community, including calls for SWAT (Sing When Asked To) teams — this will include all GHC/WCC/HNC Season Startup and Concert & Event notices, so you can clear any "Interest in GHC/WCC/HNC" boxes below
  • "Wednesday Sing-In" Notices: alerts and lyrics for Cathy & Dick's drop-in Wednesday evening Zoom (and sometimes in person as well) events
  • "Outside Voices" Notices: alerts for Cathy & Dick's drop-in Thursday noon outdoor singing
  • CCLT Alumni Bulletin: infrequent updates for CCLT graduates
If you are a current member of Gettin' Higher Choir or Wavelengths, please continue to receive Higher Notes, for some info that your directors want you to have, and for info between choir seasons. For others in our community, you can choose to start or stop receiving any of these mailings as you wish (click the checkboxes below and click Subscribe), or to unsubscribe from all mailings from us, use the Unsubscribe button below, or use the link at the bottom of any of our mailings.

For current members of GHC or WCC, or anyone who wants to let us know!:
  • Please check the box to tell us which voice Section you belong to. If this email address reaches more than one person, check boxes for all of their voice sections.
  • Check the box or boxes to show how you prefer to read your Sheet Music: on Paper, on your Tablet (we'll direct you to PDF files), or both (or neither!).
If you are only interested to be informed of singing season startup or concert/event announcements for our registered choirs, check the boxes for Possible Singer or Concerts & Events for the choirs listed.
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